Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A simple paged IList, arrays of doubles and the LOH part 2

So, first of all it might be interesting to check that large double arrays are put on the LOH, in case the internet lies. Bring on CLR Profiler to check allocations.

Tangentially: >=1000? Not >1024?

So, if I allocate a number of double arrays of size = 100 everything allocated on the normal heap (in these CLR Profiler diagrams, System.Double[] allocations are in red):small-double-arrays-objects-by-address

… and with array size = 1000 everything is allocated on the Large Object Heap.1000-double-arrays-objects-by-address

Finally, I can show that PagedList<double>s of size 1000 but a page size of 100 use space on the normal heap, not on the LOH:paged-100pagesize-1000arraysize-oba

Not sure about all those System.Double[][] – that might be something to look into; but with the allocations briefly confirmed, I want to do some very brief performance comparisons in the next post.

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